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Books and Education

Exercise and Nutrition aren't intuitive for everyone. With that being said, I have read a lot of literature that has helped me coach many clients successfully along the way. Here are the books that I have found to be the  most useful for certain goals. 

*Note that these are paid amazon affiliate links, so if you need to purchase books, then please use these links! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This book is all about getting better. From a better body with 4 hours of exercise a month (2-30 minute workouts a week), better sleep, better sex, and optimal nutrition.


A complete guide on building muscle the natural way. This consists of a simple plan to follow guiding "hardgainers" to finally reach their fitness goals of building muscle and size.


This book is all about "The timeless art of turning trials into triumph." It's perfect if you need a perspective shift. It uses principles from stoicism, the Greek philosophy of enduring pain or adversity with perseverance and resilience. 


A step-by-step manual that helps you find and improve your pain-free ability. The ability zero refers to needing zero equipment, experience, or gym membership


A picture and text book that describes a twice weekly exercise regimen that uses fitness equipment to build full body longevity.


"An easy & proven way to build good habits &  break bad ones." This book contains a proven framework for improving every day. The author is the world's leading expert on habit formation and he will teach you how to master the tiny behaviors that lead to huge changes.

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