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Fitness Equipment

Working out from home can be tough. Make sure you have the right equipment that you need for your fitness program. Here are the products that I use and recommend. 

*Note that these are paid amazon affiliate links, so if you need to purchase equipment then please use these links! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

A pair of adjustable dumbbells will include 2 dummbbell handles, 4 collars to lock on the weights, and various weight plates to add to the handles. I suggest a 60 pound set to get you started.


A swiss ball will provide you with a seat that will mimic a bench for some exercises. With the added benefit of it being able to roll around, you will gain additional core strength and stability.

Pink Exercise Ball

Most scales only provide you with a weight measurement. A smart scale uses bioelectrical impedence to measure body fat%, muscle weight, water weight, and bone density, and more! With these metrics you can have a better overview of where your body is really at. 

Checking Weight

A kettlebell is similar to a dumbbell, with the added benefit of the weight being offset so you can build additional stability in your joints. I suggest it for one of my foundational exercises, the Kettlebell Swing


A bosu ball is essentially a swiss ball cut in half. You can stand on top of the ball side, or the flat side to turn your lower body stability from beginner to ninja level FAST!

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A tape measure and caliper measure are additional tools in tracking your body metrics. A tape measure can be handy to measure your chest, waist, hips, and more. A caliper tool will help you estimate your body fat % with a greater degree of accuracy.

Measuring Waist

A pull up bar is essential if you want to train your back and take it past a beginner level. You can use the tools in this set to attach to the top or bottom of your door to work on pull movements that are so often neglected in a home workout program.

Artistic gymnastics

A basic piece of foam that you can roll on top of to give yourself a massage and muscular relief. Start with the softest one you can find and if you need to go deeper, then find a more dense roller, potentially with bumps. My favorite is the rumble roller

Foam Roller

A food scale can be very helpful in the beginning of your food journey as you learn to understand how much different food weighs when cooking and food-prepping. It can be an essential tool for those with extreme nutrition and physique goals while training or competing.

Kitchen Scale

Super bands are extra large resistance bands. The great thing about them is that not only can you use them for so many exercises where you would usually use dumbbells or a barbell, but you can also use them attached to a pull-up bar to ASSIST you! 


A massage ball is similar to a foam roller, but with much more accuracy in getting into deeper muscles. You can also use a lacrosse ball on your body, or use a tennis ball for your feet.


An adjustable slant board will serve a couple purposes. My favorite is to incline the board and stand on it for an extremely deep calf stretch. It can also be used to elevate the heels in exercises like squats to increase squat depth and lower body strength building.

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